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Sunday, 31 October 2010


Catius Clay is a 14 inch tall, stretched look, One of a Kind Kat with attitude and the scars to show for it.

Catius has been made from a pale blonde, scruffy looking German mohair.  His inner ears, eyelids and paw pads are made from a pale beige cashmere fabric, however he does have one eye that is black cashmere.

Catius has very large blue enamelled glass eyes, one you can just about see through his bruised, black eye.  He has a black embroidered, thread bare nose and the odd bit of black stitched fake repair work to mend his Kat wounds.  Catius Clays facial features and paw pads have been heavily needle sculpted and detailed with brown airbrushed detailing.

This Alley Kat feels really sorry for himself with his poorly arm in a sling, cat scratches and a bruised eye.  He is hoping to find someone to look after him and nurse him back to his naughty alley Kat ways.

Catius is fully jointed and firmly filled with a heavy weight stuffing.

If you would like to find out more information on Catius Clay click on the link www.jacqlynbears.com


Catius is now living in his new home in the UK, lets hope he gets better soon !

Saturday, 30 October 2010



I really like Saturday's it is a day when I try to play around with a new design or experiment with new techniques.  I have an old film on the TV which I occassionally lift my head upto.  Todays choice of film is Harvey with James Stewart and his Pooka called Harvey.  I might even put on Hobson's Choice again after Harvey.  The thing is I never seem to watch them all the way through and miss out bits, so have to keep putting them back on again to eventually see the bits I have missed.  Today I have plans to try new eyes for a large Urchin and start a little panda bear who will be a Dolly's little friend.

Here are a few new Urchins for you to have a little look at.


Primula a 10 inch Urchin in her new design of sugar bag dress.  


Well its time for me to go and enjoy the rest of my Saturday.

I hope you are having an enjoyable Saturday too!

Thursday, 28 October 2010


This is Wiscus a new design of wacky Kat from the Trash Can range, it is great fun making this new range as your imagination can run wild.  Normally I produce pretty, fluffy Kats with either a soulful look or a grumpy one :-).  So to make one that looks like it has been out on the tiles and upto no good is fun.

Wiscus is 14 inches tall and a One of a Kind Kat with a very long stretched body.

Wiscus is made from a antique style, golden tan coloured German mohair, which looked scruffy before I had a hand to it. His inner ears, paw pads and face are made from a beige coloured cashmere fabric.

Wiscus's muzzle and paw pads have been heavily needle sculpted and detailed with chocolate brown airbrushed detailing.   His ears are slightly blushed with a touch of pink, one even has a bit of fake repair work to hide one of his wounds.

This Trash Can Kat has orange hand enamelled glass eyes with beige cashmere eyelids and a big black, thread bare hand embroidered button like nose.  

Poor Wiscus looks like he has been in many a scrape and rummaged through a lot of bins, but also looks as if he has not always been top cat and has the scars and a bandage on his tail to show for them.

Wiscus is off to live in California where I am sure his new owner will feed him well and tend to his wounds.  I bet it won't be long before he is back to his old habits.

I hope Wiscus has made you smile.

If you would like to see a some of the other Kats I have produced click on www.jacqlynbears.com and go to my Kats page.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I would like to introduce you to my latest Toy-Box Treasure called Henry who is looking for a home as he is not very happy living in the corner of the dark old Toy-Box.

Henry is a One of a Kind 8 inch, traditional style bear from my award wining Toy-Box Treasure range, he has all the characteristics a classical style bear should have, hockey stick shaped arms, long straight legs, long snout, embroidered claws and not forgetting a hump.

Henry is made from an antique looking, chestnut brown German mohair, his paw pads have been made from a rich brown looking suedette.  This little  bear has small, aged amber glass eyes and a black embroidered, thread bare nose which is also slightly waxed.  Henry has been aged and distressed, replicating the places where a much larger bear would have been a little worn from years of love and cuddles, he even has the odd spot of darning to add to his old world charm.

I have made Henry a small old looking ox blood leather collar with tiny little bells that I have also aged to complete his much loved look.

Henry is fully jointed and firmly filled with a heavy weight stuffing.

Adoption Fee:  £85

Wednesday, 20 October 2010



Samuel with his friend Ruben.

Samuel is one of my smallest Toy-Box Treasures, who is 8 inches tall and a One of a Kind traditional style bear.

Samuel is made from a traditional golden yellow (an original teddy bear colour) very short pile German mohair, his little paw pads have been made from a traditional golden brown German wool felt, his paw pads have also been given black embroidered claw detailing, this sad bear has the odd spot of black darning, especially where his fur has worn away, poor thing did not have much fur to start with.

Little Samuel has all my Toy-Box Treasure characteristics, long hockey stick shaped arms, straight legs and even a little hump. Samuel has matt black, aged glass eyes and a black embroidered thread bare "D" shaped nose which has been slightly waxed.

This Toy-Box Treasure is fully jointed and firmly filled with a heavy weight stuffing, but in his body he is softly filled with pellets for a beautiful squashy feel and a little stuffing.

Around his neck he wears a black antique lace bow sadly which looks a little worn.  I don't think he feels to sad about being left behind in the Toy-Box as he seems to have a sweet little smile.

There is more information about Samuel on my website www.jacqlynbears.com

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Upto my eyes in mohair at the moment.  Where has this week gone too????

Anyway thought I would take 5 minutes out to show you what I have been doing this last week.

This is an 8 inch Toy-Box Treasure called Samuel

A new size 12 inch Wacky "Laid Back" Kat

Harriet Hopskotch & Pandy two 10 inch Urchins

Coraline & Jim Jam two 8 inch Urchins

I have also finished making a black Bunniko with a mohican as a special commission for a surprise birthday present, so better not show the pictures of this at the moment, do not want to spoil the surprise.

Well its back to the grindstone for me, better get started on an order I have for a shop, I hope to squeeze in another little 8 inch Toy-Box Treasure inbetween as I am itching to do this one.

Bye for now!
Jacqui x

Friday, 8 October 2010


Well food names have always played a large part in naming my wacky bears, and my latest Grog is not going to be left out.  I just love Banoffee Pie with its thick layer of whipped cream and a slight dusting of finely grated chocolate, gosh my mouth is watering already and I have only come on to post to tell you about my latest Grog called Banoffee.  Better get on with it :-) .............

Banoffee Grog is a very chubby Grog (I think he likes banoffee pie too) who is made from a rich chocolate brown with a banana yellow and cream tip, German mohair.  His big feet and droopy inner ears are a lovely chocolate brown cashmere fabric.  You can't miss his huge multi coloured bulbous nose and very cheeky grin.  Banoffee is 10 inches tall, well he would be if he could stand LOL!!! he does prefer to either sit on the edge of a shelf, occassionally he sits upright for an alert look but every now and then he prefers the laid back approach and just watches the world pass by.

Well I am going to dash off now as the pie I have in my fridge is calling my name very loudly, there is no ignoring it anymore. Its so sad really I will have to give into temptation .......  BYE!!!!

Thursday, 7 October 2010


Just recently I have joined an on-line forum for crafters and artists called "Creating The Hive".  I am so pleased to have joined this group as there are lots of interesting blog posts to read and some very useful handy tips.  Bear artists even have there own category which is expanding everyday.

This evening a member posted about The Toy Society, which I went along and checked out the blog.  I am so glad I did as I just love the thought that creative people are leaving a little handmade toy in a public place for a stranger to find and keep.  If you would like to find out more and perhaps join in here is the link to this wonderful blog

I am now going to make something and my young daughter is too so we can join in.  It appears to be catching on in the UK.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I have been enjoying making an 8 inch version of my award winning Toy-Box Treasure pattern, and have created Ruben.  Who is made from an antique red looking mohair on a beige backing, and beige suedette paw pads (well he did look these colours when I  first made him,  then I got my my hands on himLOL)!!!

Ruben really does look like he has been well and truly neglected for many years, hiding in the corner of an old toy-box.  Well I am delighted to say a lovely lady has come to his rescue, and he now has a loving home to live at, where I am sure he will be well looked after.

I have a couple more 8 inch Toy-Box Treasures on the go at the moment, all based on traditional, classical style bears, to be like a smaller version of what I would call a "proper" teddy bear.

Ruben with his friend Baxter an 18 inch Furgotten Bear by Darren.

To see further details of Darren's latest Furgotten Bear please check out his blog FURGOTTON BEARS or visit his website FURGOTTEN BEARS

Friday, 1 October 2010


Well after the months of waiting, the results have been published today for the final positions of the entries into this years URSA competition.  I was over the moon to find out that my Urchins Jellie and Bean had placed in their category, but have just found out they came 2nd, which is marvelous.  So I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to vote for Jellie and Bean in the first and second round of voting 'THANK YOU"!

Jellie & Bean say "Thank You" too for making them little stars!