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Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I thought you might like to see my new variation of Grog called Tumbleweed.

Tumbleweed is 11 inches tall and is a little different to my usual Grogs, I have given him my usual droopy ears instead of ones on the top of his head, a really huge bulbous needle felted nose which has been made using my own hand dyed wool in mixtures of mustard and a mossy green. Tumbleweed has also been given large batik effect, hand dyed pre felt paw pads from my own wool too. To finish him off I have given him needle felted hand dyed eyelids to match his nose instead of my usual cashmere eyelids and a touch of white wool outlined with black for the underneath of the eye. I have really enjoyed playing around with my new wool felting techniques, especially the dyeing bit.

I have just finished a new wacky kat with needle felted details, but I am not so sure whether to give him a whirl on eBay as it is ages since I have put anything wacky onto eBay, I will have to have a think about it :-)

If you would like to see more information on Tumbleweed Grog please take a look on my website www.jacqlynbears.com

Tumbleweed is now off to live in sunny California to meet up with a few cousins.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Urchins! Urchins and more Urchins!

It has been over a week since posting, where has the time gone too!

I have been very busy making new Urchins and Primitive Luky Blak Kats. The three little Urchins that are pictured have found a home, so I better get on a make a few more :-)

Thank goodness the weather is improving, which is great to get on and dye mohair again.

I can't believe its time again to enter the URSA's. I am working on my enteries at the moment, and fingers crossed Darren will be entering as well. We are working in secret at the moment not telling one another what we are going to enter...its all fun LOL!!! I will keep you updated.

I have also closed a couple of my Open Editions, here is the information on the final total of bears made.

Eccles - 6

Molly-Mae - 5

Booth - 5

Somerford and Chorley will be closing in a couple of weeks.

Have a lovely week.

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Its a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning. Gosh it makes a change from grey skies.

I have been very busy creating 28+ bears this last two weeks, and thought you might like to have a look at two of them.

The first picture is of Whisper a 29 inch very chubby Panda style bear, who has been made from the most amazing faux fur in a golden blonde and a hazy lavender. He is so soft to touch, but a very heavy bear. He is pictured with one of my new Open Edition bears called Benny who is 10 inches tall, so it will give you an idea of his overall size.

The second picture is of Master Charlie Penny who is 29 inches tall and made from my award winning Toy-Box Treasure pattern. This bear truly makes a statement, he has been made from a dense golden syrup, curly German mohair and around his neck he proudly wears a genuine old Penny.

Today I am back to making 8 inch bears, so will probably be all fingers and thumbs after working so big for awhile. Should be fun!!!!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Well thats Hugglets over and done with until September, I need that time to recover :-) We set off at 4.00am to get to London for 8.30am and as usual got lost as we got into the city centre, I am now beginning to know Kensington side roads quite well :-) The weather however was absolutely dreadful, the rain was coming down in the bucket loads, but this and the fact the most of the underground system was not working on Sunday did not put off the crowds of visitors, the show was busy all day. We had a wonderful time and sold lots, I was so pleased as I introduced my Open Editions at the show and they went really well and the feedback was just amazing. It was such a nice day as we met such lovely people and caught up with friends from previous shows. It was lovely to see Val again (yes Val E. I mean you LOL) chatting with you about your new collection of dolls has given me an idea, so it will be your fault :-) Sadly I did not manage to get around the show and chat with many exhibitors, only a couple in the room I was in. Maybe next time! Hugglets is such a good show, but a bit of a long day for us as we do the journey in one day as we did not get home until 10.30 pm, but never mind we had Monday to recover, and its back to work as normal now.

The bear pictured is Tilly who is one of my Toy-Box Treasures who went to London with me.

Role on September LOL!!