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Wednesday, 23 March 2011



I would like to introduce you to my two latest bears, Yummy & Poppet who are from my new range called "Chubbies" as they are all plump and chubby little characters who just want to be loved. 


Yummy is a very plump 11 inch One of a Kind shy bear who is made from a very pretty pale lilac German mohair. Her paw pads have been made from a cream cotton fabric with a very pretty pink rosebud print and tiny black embroidered claw detailing. 

This sweet little girl has very large, aged black glass eyes with white needle felted detailing for a soulful appearance and a large black, embroidered threadbare nose which has been slightly waxed. Yummy has been very slightly aged and stained and a few matching rosebud print patches have been added to add to her charm. She is fully cotter pin jointed, her head is wobble jointed for achieving those extra cute poses and she is firmly filled with a heavy weight stuffing, but her body is part filled with polythene pellets and stuffing to give her tummy a lovely squashy feel, but still keeping a rotund look.

Yummy is wearing a pretty cream cotton and pink rosebud print bow (which matches her paw pads) with little rusty bells hanging from the bow tails. 


Poppet is the little pal of Yummy, separately the behave innocently but put them together and they are always upto mischief.

Poppet is a very tubby 11 inch, One of a Kind mohair bear who likes you to think she is a good girl, but when your back is turned she will be upto no good.  

Poppet is made from an antique, dusky pink German mohair, her paw pads are a dark dusky pink cotton fabric with printed polka dots and have black embroidered tiny claw detailing.

This cheeky bear has very large shiny black glass, aged eyes, with white needle felted detailing for that cheeky look.  Her nose has been embroidered with black perle cotton and aged for a thread bare appearance.  Poor Poppet has also been aged and stained to give her a little look of a well loved bear.

This chubby little bear is fully cotter pin jointed, her head is wobble jointed for an extra cheeky look.  Poppet is firmly filled with a heavy weight stuffing, but her rather tubby tummy is part filled with polythene pellets and stuffing for a little squashy feel.

To make Poppet feel a little bit special I have made her a matching cotton print ruff which has also been aged.

If you would like to adopt either YUMMY and POPPET please click on the bears name who you would like to give a home too for further details.

Hugs and Best Wishes
Jacqui x

Saturday, 19 March 2011


I am back to give you my weekly update and just to show you that I have not been too idle, well maybe just a little :-)
I have been having lots of fun making two new bears called Yummy and Poppet from my new range of Chubbies who I will be releasing later on today, I think I might make a Panda Chubby next, but if you know me it won't be a black and white one.  Not sure what colours to do yet, will have to put my thinking cap on.
Here is a peep at four new Urchins, I was in a spring mood with the little ones.

Sally & Daisy


(8 inch with bent legs and arms)


(8 inch long arms, straight legs)

Tuitti Fruitie & Cookie

Tuitti Fruitie

(8 inch standing)


(8 inches tall)

I hope you are having a super Saturday evening, I am just about to get some really tasty chocolate, maybe not a little bit maybe lots heehee!!!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


As promised here are some pictures of my new range of very chubby bears called "Chubbies".  I have had some fun with these guys and have today nearly finished a pretty lilac one and a dusky pink one, they just need some finishing touches, and the hardest part is yet to come ....  thinking of names for them.

First one is Bashful who is 11 inches tall.

This is Minnelli who is 19 inches tall.

This is Cheeky Chops who is 11 inches

Last but not least Scrappy Joe who is also 11 inches.

I hope you have liked seeing my new range.  

Can't stop to chat as my fingers are itching to get back to my new girlie Chubbies who hopefully will be making their debut tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday!
Jacqui x

Saturday, 12 March 2011


Finally I can lift my head up from the large order of bears, which was increased to 150.  They were finally completed and delivered this week, and I am relieved and delighted to say they were well liked.  I did not have time to take pictures of them at different stages but here is a snap shot of a number of bodiless bears.

Today I am enjoying myself making a new chubby bear, this new range I have yet to show you as they have already all been sold, I do enjoy making these.  I will post some pictures for you to see to in the next couple of days.

This is Punchinello a 19 inch clown from my Arts & Crafts Range, who I had real fun ageing and distressing.  He is based on Punch from Punch and Judy.

Right I am off to get going on my new little chubby friend.

Wishing you all a really lovely weekend.


Friday, 4 March 2011


We had a lovely day in London last Sunday.  After a very long drive we arrived at Kensington without the usual detours.  We arrived at 8.30am and there was already a queue forming.  As soon as the doors opened it was busy and stayed like that for most of the day.  We had a great day and met new and old friends (at this point I must mention my Revel friend...yes you know who you areLOL!!).  I am pleased to say a lot of our bears found new homes and my new range of bears was well received, can't wait to make more.  The next Hugglets is in September when we will be back in our usual place, I can highly recommend this show to any bear artist and to collectors who wish to be delighted by wonderful displays of bears from all over the world.

I have not had chance to recover from the show as it was back to work for me on the Monday morning wading through my orders.  I am not moaning as I much prefer to be busy than idle as my head is always spinning with bear ideas, too many at times as it makes me impatient as I want to get cracking straight away onto the next bear idea.

Thought you might like to see some of the bears I took to the show.

My stand at the show.