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Thursday, 22 April 2010


For any iPhone or iPod Touch users that visit my website www,jacqlynbears.com.  I have now got my own ICON for using on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Simply open Safari on your device, visit my website and press the +button at the bottom of the screen.  A pop-up menu will appear and simply press "add to home screen" button.  SIMPLE!!! 
 You will then have a smaller version of the above picture of my Urchin Georgie Shilling on your Apple device as a quick link to my website.

This is how it should look on your device.

Thank you very much if you have added my new ICON.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


I really do not know where the days are going to at the moment, I can't believe it was Easter when I last posted.

I have managed to squeeze in a Toy-Box Treasure and a modified Urchin inbetween orders. Wilson is a real charmer who is 14 inches tall who has a proper hump and traditional amber glass eyes. He proudly wears is genuine Pipaluk 1967 badge and has been named after the British Prime Minister who was in office in 1967, Harold Wilson. To read a bit more about Wilson please take a look at his information on my website. My other creation is little Willy who has been created from my Urchin pattern, but for a change instead of the usual black glass eyes I have given him blue hand enamelled glass eyes, needle felted eyelids with a touch of white to set them off. I am really enjoying the needle felting techniques and especially the wool felt making which gives me loads of fun dyeing. I love the effect I can create when doing my usual button like noses on my wacky bears as I can now give them a marble or batik effect. I can't wait to find time to make one of my Grogs with my new batik effect wool felt nose.

Its a beautiful sunny Saturday and very quite in the skies above with the problems about the Volcano dust. I have boxes of bears hanging around East Midlands Airport at the moment waiting to get on planes, but it looks like they will be still there until Monday, never mind I hope they are all having a party together:-).

Saturday, 3 April 2010


Its been a little while since my last post, and thought you might like to see some of the creations I have made since the last post. Surprisingly enough its been taken up by more Urchins, the picture shows 3 of the 6 I have done in the last week or so, the little guy in the background is Pedro who is wearing a poncho, he is residing in the UK now. The little girl in the lavender colour dress is Violet Elizabeth and sat next to her is Sammy Sterling both have new homes overseas. I have also been making Cheeky Monkeys, Luky Blak Kats and Pinky Winkies (Winking Pigs), its good to play around with ideas, the Kats I have made for a number of years but decided to add to them a Cheeky Monkey (Alice is in the picture) and winking pigs, they are so funny!
Well what can I say about this picture LOL! this is Clawdius a really grumpy looking wacky kat. I have had a great time creating his face. I have used my own hand dyed wool that I have needle felted his rather large nose from and also made him eyelids from the same wool. It was a real change to make a cat in faux fur than my usual hand dyed mohair, Clawdius is made from a beautiful immitation Ocelot fur. This guy looks as if he is not a moggy to be messed with :-) The next one I do using faux fur, I am really going to try hard to get a cute look instead of my usual grumpy look.

It looks as if we have a good start to the Easter weekend, the sky is blue and the sun is shining and plenty of daffodils to look at, what a lovely change from grey skies and snow. I wish you a Happy Easter and try not to eat too much chocolate :-)