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Saturday, 31 July 2010


Where has the summer gone to??? it has done nothing but rain here for the last two weeks.  Ideal bear making weather, but not so pleasant when you have to go out.  To make myself feel better (really I don't need any excuses to buy shoes) I have bought myself some really trendy shoes, but the sad thing is I do not want to get them wet heehee!  I just had to buy them as they have anime style bears on them....at this point you must really think I have gone mad, well you could be right, but they are super trendy and I think every bear maker/collector should have a pair.  No I am not that brave to show you a picture, you will just laugh!

Well better get back down to earth LOL!!! I thought you might like to see my husband Darren's latest Furgotton Bear called Newton.  I caught him going through my mohair seeing if I had any good for him to use...cheeky monkey he has his own stash of mohair, trouble is his is not colourful enough for me so he is on a safe bet that I won't come knocking for any of his.

Newton found a home very quickly an is off to live with a lovely bear collector in sunny California.

I have been making Urchin elephants, its been awhile since my last one.  This one is called Bilbo, he is in a wonderful heathery coloured curly mohair and his large droopy inner ears and feet are made from a dusky heather colour cashmere fabric.  I just had to give him cheery coloured, hand knitted overalls to wear.  I have another two to get on with, so better leave you for the moment.

Wishing you a super weekend!

Monday, 26 July 2010


Well its been Monkey mad around here, these are a few of the Cheeky Monkeys I have made just recently, I have just finished another 4 all with their tongues sticking out, they are so funny!  

I have been very busy creating new Urchins, I have not even found time to continue with my new venture of my Blog Book which is all about my Urchins, which is a shame as  I was very lucky to receive an iPad for my birthday this month so I can continue with my writing on my book on the go, you can only do so much with an iPhone, the iPad is brilliant and a great tool for any budding writer.  I am itching to get back onto it, as soon as I have done a bit more to it, I will keep you posted and tell you where you can read it on-line.

I am trying to get my head around Facebook, well with a bit of help from my son, he does not know what he has let himself in for LOL!  If you have a spare moment and would like to see some pictures, please take a look at Jac-Q-Lyn Bears on Facebook.

This is Fruit Drop my latest Grog, it seems like an age since I last made a Grog!  Fruit Drop is made a hand dyed mohair in shades of lemon, pink, lilac and mint green.  He did find a loving home very quickly.

Well I can't post on my blog without showing you some of my latest Urchins, can I??

Well better sign off as I have to put some more oinks on my Pinky Winkies, you can't have a pig without an oink LOL!!!

Friday, 16 July 2010


Its been a wet and windy day today, ideal weather for bearmaking, so I have been making new Pinky Winkies and a couple of new Cheeky Monkeys, no bears today LOL!!

AMY - Pinky Winky

Amy is 10 inches tall and made from a pretty pastel pink Melton wool fabric.

Each Pinky Winky has a large button "oink" an embroidered wink for one eye and a button for the other, and not forgetting a cheeky grin.

Amy is wearing a primitive style cotton dress with printed pink roses.  Around her neck she proudly wears her name necklace.


Ethel is my latest Cheeky Monkey, who is 10 inches tall and wears a pretty, primitive style emerald green cotton dress with a pink retro style circle print.

For further information on Ethel please take a look at my Cheeky Monkey page.

Monday, 5 July 2010

URSA's 2010

Its that time of year again for the URSA competition, and voting has already started for the first round of voting.  This year my husband Darren has decided to put his toe in the water and enter his very first competition with one of his Furgotten Bears.

I thought you might like to see which bears we have entered and the categories they are in with a link to the voting page (click on the bears name to be taken to category to cast your vote).  If you do like the bears we have created your votes would be very much appreciated.

Category 8.

Category 10.

Category 5.

Darren's Furgotten Bear

Category 3.

Well I better get my head down and get cracking with preparing my new bears to take to the Hugglets Bear Fair in London, that will soon be upon us.

I hope you have enjoyed this little peep to see our competition bears.

Thursday, 1 July 2010


I have been very busy preparing my new competition bears this last few weeks and time has just flown by.


What a wonderful summer we are having at the moment, clear skies and beautiful sunshine.  I have been swamped with Urchin making and thought you might like to see a couple of my new girlie ones.   Petunia, Rosa and Alice.  Alice was a little friend for Hugo, the characters from the Vicar of Dibley LOL! I could hardly say No! No! No! YES!! LOL!!!



I will be popping back soon to show you my enteries into the URSA's 2010, I hope you will like my
enteries and hopefully vote for them :-)

Hope the sun is shining for you and wishing you a super Thursday.