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Wednesday, 19 May 2010



I have been really enjoying myself just recently with a pattern I first used over 3 years ago.  This is my latest version from this pattern called Mary-Rose who is a large black bear with pretty pastel pink and cream roses and rosebud on black cotton fabric paw pads, inner ears and sailor type collar.  I have given her bright blue eyes with white needle felted detailing and black needle felted upper and lower eye lids to  give her life like eyes.

If you would like to see more details on Mary-Rose please visit my website Click Here for more info on MARY-ROSE


 I thought you might like to see my original versions of this pattern Emelia Jayne who is the peachy coloured bear with brown eyes and my own original technique of beaded whites to set off the eyes.



Hazey Maisey is made from a buttermilk with lavender tip mohair and buttermilk cashmere feet.  I have made this a crying bear with beaded highlights and life-like tears.


Cordelia is made from a vanilla coloured mohair, and has the most beautiful pale blue hand enamelled glass eyes with my beading technique underneath.

It is amazing how you can develop your technique and skills over the years, both Darren and I would not have believed Mary-Rose or Mirabel had been developed from the same pattern, its amazing what you can find tucked away in a draw, so now I feel inspired to revisit some of my previous patterns maybe even back to year one....gosh that will be interesting.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I have just been reading the international news, and Reuters news agency have just reported that there is a company in Finland who arranges winter and summer holidays for your sad and tired and perhaps a little stressed teddy bears.  Even if you do not have a favorite teddy bear you can adopt one from the tour company and they will take it traveling around Lapland and if you bear is very lucky he/she might even get to see Santa!  If you would like to book your  bear a trip of a lifetime click on TEDDY TOURS or go to www.teddytourslapland.com  I am sure your bear will love you forever.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I thought you might like to see the bear I have created over the weekend called Mirabel, she is one of my new Toy-Box Treasures.  She has been developed from a bear I made about 3 years ago called Emelia Jane.  It has been so nice to re visit a pattern and add new techniques I have learnt since the last time I used this pattern.  Mirabel is 16 inches tall and a pretty pastel blue girl bear with life like eyes.  I am so pleased with the way she has turned out I am sure I will not leave it so long to use this pattern again :-)

If you would like to find out further information about Mirabel please take a look at my website.

Mirabel has found a loving home in West Sussex.

Today I have been making a new Grog and finishing off a new wacky bear and having a great time with some brightly coloured felt I have hand dyed to give a batik effect and some wonderful rainbow effect mohair, its like Christmas!!

Darren has also finished a new Furgotten Bear today, I really do feel sorry for his bears, the ageing treatment is enough to bring tears to your eyesLOL! but the results he achieves look so genuine.  If you would like to see his bear she has just been added to my website on his Furgotten page.  He is at present up dating his own blog so in the next hour or so you will see what he has been upto while he has his feet up resting his broken toes.  Have you noticed that when someone has a bad foot no matter how hard you try to avoid knocking it etc. it seems to be always in your pathway, even our little dogs know to walk on the otherside of the room LOL!

Friday, 7 May 2010



It was a very dull day on yesterday so to add a bit of colour to my day I just had to create a cheerie coloured Urchin, and here she is Popsicle, with her pastel pink nose and very pretty knitted pixie style hat and jacket.  She has found a home very quickly and is off to live in Australia with a few of her Urchin pals.  She is making the journey with Dora to keep her company.


Dora is one of my favorite Urchins, she is made from a pale peach curled mohair and has dark chocolate brown cashmere paw pads.  She is wearing a new knitted creation which is a new design to be added to my Urchins expanding wardrobe, a little picot edge vest with pixie style hat threaded with a fine satin ribbon.  Dora's outfit is beige with a plum coloured ribbon to match her plum coloured embroidered nose.

Dora and Popsicle have already started their long journey, I hope they behave themselves along the way.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I have been having fun this last week creating two new Toy-Box Treasures, one called William, who is a new size of traditional style bear for me at 7.1/2 inches.  I must say I have really enjoyed making William and cannot wait to make a little girl bear in the same size.

William has been made from a rich chestnut brown German mohair, and has matching coloured leather paw pads.  I think he has stolen my heart! This little boy has been given the appearance of a little bear who has been over-looked in the toy box, but has all the signs of a bear who has been loved and played with in years gone by, he has even managed to keep a little bit of his worn out ribbon tied around his neck.  He is still hopeful that some day soon he will be remembered. 

If you would like to find out more about William, please take a look at my website Jac-Q-Lyn Bears and visit my traditional gallery page.



This is George who is made from the most wonderful wavy kid German mohair, in a pale beige and a rich chestnut brown.   He is wearing around his neck a genuine 1941 Half Penny with a picture of King George VI on the reverse of the coin.

George is 13 inches tall and a One of a Kind bear with an innocent look. 

My fingers are itching to get started on a new Toy-Box Treasure, I am wondering if I am brave enough to go smaller than the 7 inches...we will have to see LOL!!!