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Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I thought you might like to have a little peep at some of the Urchins who have left me this week and who will be available from "One More Bear" in Staffordshire, England. 

The first four pictures are 10 inch Mop Top Urchins and the last 3 pictures are of 8 inch Urchins.

Well better get back to my sewing, I think I need some of Santa's Little Helpers to do a bit of stuffing for me LOL!!

Friday, 26 November 2010


I seem to go through phases of using a particular colour, for quite a while its been pink, but the last couple of weeks its been blue's turn.  Perhaps I have been influenced by the cold weather we are having.  However this coming week it will be a red week, not because of Christmas being around the corner but because I am working on large and small bears from my Arts & Crafts range in red and cream.

Here is a little peep at some of the bears I have made just recently from my blue phase.






Well thats by blue period over with LOL!!!  Roll On Red!!!

Monday, 22 November 2010


As we are due some snow this week I thought I would make a little Urchin called Snowflake, who is warm and snug in his warm knitted hat and jumper. 


Snowflake is an 8 inch Urchin, who is made from a pale blue German mohair.  His droopy inner ears and paw pads are made from a cream coloured cashmere fabric.  His paw pads have been heavily needle sculpted and detailed with black perle cotton to give the effect of chubby little toes.

This little boy has large shiny black glass eyes, and a large embroidered nose in a wine and dark dusky pink. He is fully jointed, his head is wobble jointed for extra posing.  Snowflake is firmly filled with a heavy weight stuffing.

This little cute Urchin is wearing a hand knitted jumper and bobble hat in pale blue and trimmed with cream and two sparkling snowflakes.

Snowflake is looking for a warm and cosy home to snuggle up in.  For further information on Snowflake please take a look at my website www.jacqlynbears.com

Monday, 15 November 2010



Fratellini is a 19 inch antique style clown bear, who's pattern I have re visited after more than 6 years, this style of bear is from my original Arts & Crafts range, which were mainly made from reproduction antique style upholstery fabrics, but this time I have decided to incorporate German mohair into the bear.

Fratellini is a One of a Kind bear who is based on the European clowns called Auguste which have white circles around their eyes with black detailing and red and black face paint.  Fratellini does have the white circles around his eyes but instead of the red and black face paint I have decided to use the colours in his body and clown hat.

This quirky looking clown bear is made from a very rich looking red and black striped upholstery fabric for his body arms and legs which I have aged and distressed to give the appearance of a bear that would have come from the early 19th century, the front of his body has been complimented with two extremely large rusty bells to give the appearance of a clown suit.  I have also made him an aged cotton ruff edged with black antique lace and a little clown hat to match with a little rusty bell on the top. His oversized head is made from a sparse, antique brown German mohair which has also been aged.  Fratellini's paw pads have been made from a beige, thick quality German wool felt.

Fratellini has very large antique black glass eyes with white needle felted detailing and a big threadbare embroidered nose which has been slightly waxed.

Fratellini is fully jointed and firmly filled with a heavy weight stuffing.

I have really enjoyed re visiting my old pattern and now have plans for a full range of these clowns, which will all be based on genuine old clowns from the past.

If you would like to see more of my "Arts & Crafts" Bears as I release them, please EMAIL ME to be added to my mailing list or visit my website JAC-Q-LYN BEARS

Fratellini is now on his way to live in Scotland.

Friday, 12 November 2010

SUZIE SOO A New Soulful Eyed Urchin

This is Suzie Soo one of my latest large soulful eyed 10 inch Urchins.

She is made from a toffee coloured German mohair on a fudge coloured backing.   Her large droopy inner ears and paw pads have been made from a fudge coloured cashmere fabric.  Suzie's paw pads are heavily needle sculpted and detailed with black perle cotton to create the effect of chubby toes.

Suzie Soo has very large shiny black glass eyes for the eye pupil and pretty blue and white needle felted detailing to create very large soulful looking doll like eyes with long eyelashes.  This pretty little girl has a large pastel pink embroidered nose with the hint of a sweet smile.

Sweet Suzie Soo is fully jointed, her head is wobble jointed for extra cute posing.

Cute Suzie is wearing a very pretty hand knitted dress and matching beret style hat in shades of heather, lilac and cream. 

While writing this post Suzie Soo has just found a home in Alabama.

I will be releasing a new bear creation tomorrow who is a bear pattern I used many years ago from my Arts and Crafts range but who has incorporated a new look.

Keep you posted !!

Happy Friday!

Saturday, 6 November 2010


Hattie with her little friend Samuel

Well its not been that quiet in the Ellerton household, both Darren and I have been very busy creating new bears and completing shop orders.

I have had a lot of fun with a new large variation of my Urchins called Dolly Doo and Bubbles Boo and Darren has made a small Furgotten elephant called Hattie.

I am in the middle of visiting a past pattern all the way back to 9 years ago, and it is amazing how you can add new techniques and put a new twist on an old friend.  This bear will be 19 inches and from a range of bears I called "Arts and Crafts" these bears were a either made from half mohair and half vintage fabrics or completely vintage fabric.  These bears were all traditional in style but I have now incorporated the pattern of a bear I used 5 years ago called Sammi Rye, I think I have given the game away! yes this one has a Japanese influence as well as a touch of traditional, looking forward to doing more on this guy a little later on.

Here are a few of the bears completed this week.







If you would like to find out more information on Darren's little elephant called Hattie please take a look at Darren's Blog Furgotton Bears, where you will see a lot more pictures.

Wishing you a great weekend.

Best wishes