If you would like to take a look at my website Jac-Q-Lyn Bears you will see my latest creations.

Monday, 28 December 2009


I hope you are having a super Christmas and looking forward to the New Year.

I have been having a little break from bear making over the Christmas holiday, but thought you might like to see Delilah and Figgy who are 2 little 10 inch wacky bears I have specially made for two little children to give to the Mum at Christmas....I do hope she will be pleased with them.

It will soon be 2010 and before I know it will be in a panic making bears to take to London :-) Well the Christmas cake is calling my name so I think I will go and get a really big slice :-)

Monday, 21 December 2009


What a weekend it has been, so cold -7 at night and -2 during the day. Its a good job I have all this mohair to keep me warm. You can see from my pictures in our back field the frost and then the snow coming, did not stay out too long taking these pictures, I nearly became a human snowman :-) I think I should make mohair socks from some of this fur, but then maybe they might be a bit itchy :-) Well it looks as if we might get a white Christmas this year, lets hope the roads are kept clear for safe traveling over the holiday period. Well back to the grindstone for me more bears to complete.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Today I have released a new range of "Open Edition" bears onto my website. These are bears that will be numbered starting from No.1 and upwards. Every 3/4 months this page on my website will be updated with new bears added and some will have their editions closed. I will be posting an Open Edition Information page update on my blog and website, this will tell you the name of the bear with a picture for easy reference and the last number that the edition was closed. If a bear has to be made up (if not in stock at time of adopting) delivery within the UK will be 7/10 days, Overseas 10/14 days. If off the shelf delivery within the UK will be 48 hours and Overseas 5 working days.

Pictured is Chelford who is one of the new Open Edition bears, he is 23 inches tall and a beautifully soft bear. For further information about my Open Edition bears please click on the link OPEN EDITIONS.

Sunday, 13 December 2009


I would like to show you my latest Panda's from my Toy-Box Treasure range. Thru'Pence is a traditional black and white Panda and his sister is Tuppence who has been made from a hand dyed deep cranberry coloured mohair and a rich blonde mohair. Both Panda's are 15 inches tall and have their names from English coinage before we went decimalized. Tuppence has found a loving home with a with a gentleman who has not bought a bear before, but he just could not leave Leek without taking Tuppence with him.

Thursday, 10 December 2009


I am having so much fun working with this new faux fur, I just had to make a little cub bear, and here is my first attempt called
Puddington who is 13 inches tall, and a little bundle of fur. I am so pleased that Puddington was a big hit with my collectors, it has given me a nudge to make more like him.

Tomorrow it is back to working with a red mohair, this time it is one I have hand dyed, I am really pleased with the colour as with hand dyeing it can be a bit hit and miss, hopefully it will make a nice Panda.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Visit to a German Market

Last night we decided to go into Manchester and visit the German Christmas market. We decided to take half the journey by car and the other part by tram into the town centre. Well that was an experience in itself, going was pretty easy it only took 15 mins but coming home what a nightmare, we caught the wrong tram and ended up the other side of Manchester, decided to get on the next one and ended back where we started from, then got on another and the tram driver told everyone after the stop that we should have got off at that stop. Well I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life traveling around on Manchesters trams, eventually hours later we found our way back to the car. Other than the journey the visit was very enjoyable, the food chalets were great, had plenty to eat and drink too. The rain stayed off too which was good. It was a trip I would recommend to all, not so sure about the tram bit though :-)

Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Wild Side

It is another shopping day less until Christmas. I do not fancy pushing my way through all the crowds on a Saturday, I much prefer to do my shopping late at night, when it is a bit quieter, but I think everyone is catching on to this as last year the queues from the check-outs went completely from back to front of the store and this was at 11pm.

While debating with myself this morning whether to go shopping or not, I finished off Chorley a big 23 inch traditional style bear who has been made from a beautifully soft imitation Wild Cat fur. I have sent him on his way with Darren to sit him in my shop window in Leek (I mean Chorley not Darren sitting in the window :-) ), hopefully someone will pass by and fall in love with him.

I am pleased to say Chorley has found a new home today in the UK. He did not sit very long in the window!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I have been having a wild time making this very large, chubby Grog called Hugo, he is a whopping 23 inches tall and approx. 16 inches wide. Certainly a heavy guy who stands out in a crowd. Hugo has been made from a beautiful faux Coyote fur which is so beautiful soft to touch. He was a bit of a handful to stuff, but I got there in the end, I nearly have muscles now like Popeye :-)

I hope Hugo has made you smile.

Hugo is off to live in a warmer climate....lucky Grog!!!!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I have just popped along and thought you might like to see my latest Toy-Box Treasure called Ebenezer, who has been made from the red faux fur I mentioned in my previous post
Ebenezer is off to live in a warmer climate (lucky bear!). It is freezing today.

I know Ebenezer will be very happy with all his other bear friends.