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Thursday, 27 January 2011



Inbetween making up a very large order of traditional bears, I have managed to squeeze in Enrichetto.

 Enrichetto who is a large 19 inch One of a Kind classical, old style clown bear who is named after a famous Italian clown.

Enrichettos' head is made from a pale beige German mohair, his body has been made from a rich classical looking cream and gold, heavy weight fabric, which has been extensively distressed and stained. His paw pads are made from a thick quality taupe coloured German wool felt.

This striking looking bear has very large, aged, vintage black glass eyes with with needle felted detailing and a large waxed and thread bare black embroidered nose and mouth.

Enrichetto is wearing an aged brown, spotted cotton print ruff which is sadly a little in places to match is very special, tatty looking "Topper" and not forgetting the two large rusty bells on his big tummy.

Enrichetto is fully jointed, his large head is wobble jointed to achieve those extra sad and forlorn looks a sad and neglected old clown would have. This chubby looking bear is part soft and firmly filled with a heavy weight stuffing.

Enrichetto & Auguste

For more information about Enrichetto and Auguste please visit my website www.jacqlynbears.com

I will be working on this very large order for quite a few weeks to come and I am also trying to make up a couple of new designs to introduce at the Hugglets bear fair, so Enrichetto is very lucky to be making his appearance with my work load being so heavy at the moment.  You would have thought working so much I would not have time for meals but all I can think about while working is food and what I can have to eat next, this is not good LOL!!!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011



So far this week I have managed to complete an 8 inch Toy-Box Treasure called Shabby Rose, who has quickly found a very loving home.  She is made from a very pretty pink German mohair and a pale pink suedette for her paw pads.  I do enjoy making these little bears, the aging process is strangely very theraputic LOL!! 

I have also finished today a new style of bear to be added to my Toy-Box Treasure range called Dottie, who is based on a 1950's/60's teddy bear.


Dottie is 13 inches tall and has the look of a bear who has been lovingly played with and now left to sit quietly in the corner of an old toy-box.  

This little bear is made from a pale blonde, matted effect German mohair and wears a hand made cotton playsuit, which has been aged and stained for a "well loved, played" look.

Dottie has sadly one or two nose threads missing, but fortunately she still has her sweet smile.  

She is hopeful to find a new loving home very soon as she no longer wants to sit quietly in the toy-box but so wants to be able to play again.

If you think you could give Dottie a new loving home you can find out her adoption details by clicking HERE!

Well, I better get back to stitching some ears onto some bears and a Kat as I think they are getting fed up waiting for me :-)

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Where does it go too???  Christmas has come and gone and so has the snow....thank goodness!!  and with Hugglets on the horizon I could do with finding more time.  It has been constant sewing and stuffing for me and it seems as if my Urchins have started to breed LOL!! as now I am being requested for baby ones, we will have to see what the stork brings to Hugglets perhaps LOL!!!

Here are a few Urchins I have completed since Christmas.  If you would like to see the Urchins I have available at the moment for adoption, please visit my Urchin page at Jac-Q-Lyn Bears.

Fifi Flowerpot


Tilly (10 inches)


Cry Baby (10 inches)

If you find out where time has gone too, please let me know as I need it LOL!!!